Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Manny gets exactly what he wants, right?

So Manny finally agrees to a practically identical offer to the one the Dodgers extended him in November or so. So instead of two years and $40 million from Boston, he will get two years $45 million from Los Angeles. And it only took Scott Boras five months to get that deal done. What a savvy agent! It's a 10% raise for Manny, yes, but it's nowhere near what they were seeking. What does five mil really mean to Manny anyway? At least Boras will get his cut of this contract. Thank blog for that!


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

Well he has the opt out, which he almost certainly use. And if he gets hurt he's still got $20 million guaranteed.

Dan said...

I guess the devil is in the details. But it sure seemed like they were holding out for more money. If the only problems were in the minutiae of the contract, this would have been done a long time ago. If he opts out, I doubt there will be any more interest in giving him a long term deal than there was this off season, especially with younger, less disruptive options like Matt Holliday out there.

Dennis said...

I think Boras and Manny were hoping that a contender had a big injury in spring training (Delgado or Beltran with the Mets, Guererro in Anaheim, Howard in Philly) to bring a second team into the bidding. Also, don't underestimate the idea that Manny wanted a couple more weeks vacation before showing up for spring training.

On the baseball side, I don't think it is a good deal for the Dodgers. They are paying $25 million for a guy who is going to play 130 games at the most, field poorly, and shut it down if they fall out of the race. They have also given him a no-trade clause, so they have tied their hands in that regard.