Thursday, March 5, 2009

A-Rod's, Yank's season in trouble

Well it seems A-Rod has found ways to hurt the Yankees on the field now as well as off the field. Peter Abraham is reporting that not only does A-Rod now have a cyst in his hip, but he also has a torn hip labrum.

If Rodriguez had surgery to repair it now he would miss up to four months but it seems that Rodriguez and the Yanks will try to use rest and rehab to gut out the season. This could have disastrous results for the Yankees or Rodriguez could come through this a hero if he performs well with the injury.

Abraham brings up a good point on an earlier post for his blog when he notes that A-Rod has had an increase in his injury list since he supposedly went off steroids five years ago. It is definitely something that should be considered and it's definitely something the Yanks wish they knew during their last negotiating exchange in 2007.

Rodriguez and the Yankees are tied together for better or worse. Each one needs the other at this point. Hopefully A-Rod can manage the pain like he did last year. If not then all of Cashman's wheelings and dealings from this winter may have been for naught.


Dennis said...

Surely a team with a $200 million payroll can withstand one injury. If the pitchers stay healthy they will still win 90 + games. And a rested A-Rod back for the stretch run.

Now if Posada can't catch, Matsui and Damon can't stay healthy, Jeter continues to decline, and Gardner doesn't develop, then there might be a problem scoring runs.

Dan said...

This is why I've never bought into the 800 HR talk with A-Rod, or even that he was guaranteed to break Bonds' record. Most players just get dinged up more in their 30's. Steriods can help one avoid that certainly.

Joey said...

Isn't it interesting that A-Rod's time on the DL will probably amount to about 50 games this year, which would be similar to the time he would miss if he was retroactively suspended for his actions in 2002. I smell a "Jordan you need to 'retire' for 2 years" conversation Michael Jordan had with David Stern after he starting gambling $100K a week in Vegas in the late 90's.

Dennis said...

I would say no, just because David Stern has real power and Bud Selig doesn't.

I mean really, if it came out that Magic got HIV from a gay guy in Vegas, and Stern had that guy killed in a mob style hit to keep it quiet, no one would even be that surprised. Whereas if it came out that Bud Selig had the waiter mess up his order as he was having lunch in a Friendly's, no one would be surprised.

My point is, if Selig tried to tell A-Rod or the Yankees that he had to sit out, they would laugh him out of the room. Scott Boras would probably cuff him on the ear for good measure.