Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts on Steroid Admissions

So far the steroid-accused sports star has followed one of two patterns once the news breaks. Pattern numero uno: Lie that you never did it. Then the report comes out. Then there's the denial in the face of overwhelming evidence. Pattern number two: Lie that you never did it. Then the report comes out. Then you admit your PED usage and repent.

But I have often wondered what would've happened if A-Rod had just told the truth a year and a half ago. What if when he was asked the question by Katie Couric, he just said, Yeah, I did some stuff between '01-03. I'm not proud of it and I regret it. I haven't done it since. And he did this not because he had no choice because he got caught, but because it was the right thing to do and he didn't want to lie about it. What would the public perception be then?

Let me just clear up a couple of other things for the idiot media. They're jumping all over him because he said he didn't know what he took. Here's my take. He said he didn't know exactly probably because the stuff has a 17 letter name that he can't recall at the moment. He also probably ordered it by some code name like Rhino Juice or something. Furthermore, by giving the actual steroid name or by even saying the word steroids or drugs he might incriminate himself. And if the Feds want to get you, they'll get you. We all know they love a good witch hunt. That's why he kept saying, "that stuff" or "substance" in the Peter Gammons interview.

Finally, how many irritating nicknames will we see? That bastion of journalism the NY Post gave us A-Hole. I personally like A-Roid, or perhaps HGH-Rod. Is that last one too much of a stretch? Offer up your own.


Peter said...

I'm sick of those A-Rod puns period. Is it so hard to move away from that? I thought these journalists were suppose to be smart.

I think its funny how people wanted him to come out and admit it and apologize and then as soon as he does they say it wasn't good enough. His legacy is tarnished. what does it matter if he did it once during the offseason or for five years? people are going to jump on him no matter what. plus he's not gonna give you names of people who hooked him up, then he would be a cheater and a snitch.

Dan said...

He might actually put his life at risk by snitching. When you involve yourself with shady people (like drug dealers), all sorts of bad things can happen.

You're right nothing he did would be good enough. The media just demands an apology so they'll have more ammunition to smear him with.