Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The rich get richer

I didn't see this coming but it looks like the Yanks have swept in and stolen Mark Teixeira from the Red Sox and the Nationals. Jon Heyman is saying the deal is sitting in the range of $180 million over 8 years. I don't know where the Yankees are pulling all this money from but I can't really believe they actually can afford all of these huge contracts. Maybe they have some old couch in Old Yankee Stadium that they haven't cleaned out since Mickey Mantle retired. There is a ton of money coming off the books in a couple of seasons, but the Steinbrenner accountants most be livid right now.

I think Teixeira is a good player and of course he is going to be overpaid. He was going to be overpaid no matter which team signed him, but I am happier that the Sox didn't get him than I am the Yankees getting him. They haven't had a first baseman of this quality since the Tino days of the late '90s. A guy who can pick it at first and swing the bat.

It will take a lot for this team to gel, but if the Yanks haven't beaten the Sox on the field since '03 they have certainly won the spending wars during the off-season. Cashman couldn't have done it better really as he got everything the Yanks needed this off-season (except a centerfielder though, Swisher could fill that role) and I don't believe that any Yankee fan should feel bad that they have spent so much. It's not our money and the Yanks are just playing by the rules.

Believe it or not this trade probably helps them shave money from the payroll over the next couple of years. Now they don't really have to worry about Matsui, Damon and Nady walking next season as Swisher can move to a corner spot and Austin Jackson should be ready to take over centerfield by then (hopefully).

I'm sure Teixeira to the Yanks will create an uproar throughout baseball. Whether happy or mad everyone is going to have something to say. I'm sure most of it will be negative but hey, the Yankees know how to deliver a Christmas miracle to their fans.

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Dan said...

I must admit. It does irk me that the Red Sox have been sitting on their hands while all of these signings have been going on. The Red Sox fans have gotten a taste for winning and don't want to let that go. I can just hope there is a method to their madness.