Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFL Top 10: Week 15

Finally, I can say with some confidence that the top five teams should be pretty apparent to just about anyone. We should all be able to reach some kind of consensus on this, shouldn't we? Well the top three anyway. No? How about the top... Oh never mind.

1. Giants (11-2): Last week #1. Heck yeah they're still number one. I find it hard to down grade them after a tough divisional loss against a team fighting for its playoff life in the Eagles. Besides, I had them ahead of the Titans all season even when the Titans were undefeated. By the way, thanks for making me look like a fool after my post last week, Mr. Hixon.

2. Titans (12-1): Last week #2. They took care of business against another inferior opponent last game. The upcoming match up against the Steelers ought to be a real slobberknocker. I for one can't wait.

3. Steelers (10-3): Last week #3. That was a man sized comeback against the Cowboys. It was helped along quite a bit by Tony Romo, but give the Steelers credit. You have to play all 60 minutes flat out.

4. Panthers (10-3): Last week #8. Believe it or not, the Panthers control their own destiny for home field advantage and a first round bye in the NFC. If they win out it will include a victory over New York so the Giants had better be careful.

5. Colts (9-4): Last week #5. As unlikely as it may appear the Colts could finish 12-4...again. They are certainly getting it together at the right time. I know the schedule has gotten lighter, but you roll with the hand you're dealt.

6. Ravens (9-4): Last week unranked. It's easy to forget about these guys. That defense is still nasty after all these years.

7. Buccaneers (9-4): Last week #9. How can I move them up after a crushing loss? The Cowboy's loss was more crushing. The Bucs still have the inside track to a wildcard berth.

8. Dolphins (8-5): Last week unranked. Last season after thirteen games they were 0-13. Now they control their own fate for a division title. Things look bright for the last three games; San Francisco, at Kansas City, at NY Jets.

9. Cowboys (8-5): Last week #4. It was devastating loss vs. Pittsburgh to be certain. Call me crazy, but I'm not quite ready to give up on them. What did you call me?!

10. Patriots (8-5): Last week #7. The Pats are looking uncharacteristically sloppy lately. The signing of Junior Seau smells like desperation to me. I wouldn't be surprised if they got back on track, but this could be a Patriot-less post season.

What the hell is up with...? The NFL League Offices. Wow. The economy must be bad if the NFL is handing out pink slips. They laid off a bunch of people from the New York office this past week. How is that possible with the billions they make?


Joey said...

The ravens defense is nasty again after two years of ray lewis being uneffective. If I was a drug sniffing dog I would make ray lewis's locker look like a fire hydrant, if you catch my drift. Hey ray how do you spell HGH?

Mberenis said...

Great blog! Check out mine sometime ;-)