Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 NFL Regular Season: Final Thoughts

  • The Redskins completed the season losing a close one to my friend Dennis' 49ers who have been playing well. Washington finishes the season scoring 265 points. The Lions scored more points.
  • Speaking of the Lions, they did not deserve to finish 0-16. At least they played hard every week. There are some other teams who in my mind are much more pathetic. I'm looking at you, Chiefs, Browns, and Bengals.
  • Did the Bucaneers (poop) the bed the final month of the season or what? I don't know why I kept trying to convince myself to keep them on my power rankings.
  • My MVP is Peyton Manning. When the Colts were playing like crap, he pulled a couple of wins out of his (behind) to keep them from falling off the face of the Earth. Their win vs. the Vikings in Week 2 should be one for the ages. Plus, he did it Tiger Woods-style on a bum knee. Rounding out my top 4 MVP choices are Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, and Michael Turner (who has contributed a great deal to helping Matt Ryan eventually win Offensive Rookie of the Year).
  • I am very interested to see how Ryan and Joe Flacco handle their first playoff games. I was impressed with Ryan the one time I saw him play. I was less so with Joe Flacco. Both teams aren't stupid though and will run the ball 40 times if they can. The Ravens and Falcons ranked one and two respectively in rushing attempts this season. That's how you break in a rookie QB.
  • My two pre-season Superbowl picks will miss the playoffs. Dallas is out and deservingly so since they wilted like bad lettuce yesterday. New England deserves to be in (insert tirade regarding the playoff system here), but it will be refreshing to have a Patriot-less playoffs, just like a Yankee-less playoffs was for baseball. Heh, heh.
  • I would be a little concerned if I were the Titans. I know the season finale was meaningless, but to get shut out by the Colts, a team Tennessee could very well meet in the playoffs, is no confidence booster. The Colts didn't need the game either, but they showed a little pride. The Titans couldn't even muster a field goal.
  • Next weekend features three wildcard games where the road teams should be favored. My predictions for the entire playoffs will come before the end of the week.


Dennis said...

Come on, can we at least say "crap the bed"?

I think parental controls were invented so us adults (and I use the term loosely) wouldn't have to say words like poop and behind.

Dan said...

I did say crap in a different part of the column. I was being overly gentle with my euphemisms to be humorous. Besides, Master Administrator, Pete frowns on profanity.

Joey said...

I am the reason this blog has parental controls. I am want the Italians call a cazzo

Peter said...

Oh come on I changed one thing. And I know you have a kid now, but when did crap become profanity?

Dan said...

I'm glad the football insight of my post was so riveting that we are discussing this. I was joking around with the words I chose. I guess I failed. Cocka-doody!

Dennis said...

It's not too much of a stretch to think that all 4 of the road teams could win, I wonder if that has ever happened before.