Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eagles still in flight

After the Ravens destroyed Philly and Andy Reid sat Donovan McNabb I, like most other Eagles fans, felt the Eagles were done. Now, three weeks later, they're still on the outside looking in but they are still very much alive in the NFC Wild Card hunt and they are playing like a team on a mission.

Somehow this offense has found a rhythm that they haven't really had on a consistent basis all season. All of their receivers are stepping up and at the moment the don;t seem to need that number one guy as long as McNabb keeps distributing the ball equally.

Donovan McNabb has somehow returned to his 2004 form and the Eagles offense looks as dynamic as ever. They have two tough games left but I think they can handle the reeling Redskins and they should be able to edge the Cowboys at home.

Now aside from winning out, they also need some help from the Buccaneers or the Falcons. One of those teams needs to lose a game and that is a possibility in Week 16. The Bucs take on the Chargers who are still mathematically alive in the AFC West and the Falcons take on the Vikings who just trounced the faux division winning Cardinals. Both have easy match ups in Week 17 so the Eagles need one of those teams to slip up now.

This still my be the end of McNabb in Philly and that may be the best move for each party, but at least glad that he is reminding Philadelphia why he is one of the best in the game when he's right.


Joey said...

It will be great the " i didn't know a game could end in a tie" game will keep them out of the playoffs. Priceless.

Peter said...

Or it could get them in straight up rather than having to deal with tie breakers. What makes the tie so stupid is taht it came against the Bengals. The BENGALS!!!

Dan said...

If Philly gets rid of McNabb, they will be sorry. They will pine for the days of Donovan when they see some other jokester under center. In this case, the grass is not greener. It may be in McNabb's best interest to leave, but it's not in the Eagles'.