Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sox to Sign Scutaro

Well it seems the great Pedroia to short stop debut will end before it ever really gets to begin. The Sox seem to have locked up shortstop Marco Scutaro for the next two seasons. Details are few but there may also be a third year option on top of the first two years.

It also means that the Sox will lose a first round draft pick after gaining one when Billy Wagner signed a one-year deal with the Braves.

If I wasn't a Yankee fan I wouldn't be too concerned with the Sox picking up a 34-year old short stop who is coming off a career year. The situation wreaks of a player cashing in on one final deal. But as a Yankee fan I have seen Scutaro beat my team on one too many occasions where he had no business being the hero.

I hope Scutaro fellows the normal career path of a 34-year old short stop, but part of me knows he is just one of those guys who shows up against your team regardless of how he is playing or at what stage of his career he is in.


Dan said...

I think it's a good stop-gap move. It is a little concerning that he had career marks in OBP, Slugging, and runs scored in a contract year at 33, but he doesn't need to do all that with the Sox. He just has to play good defense (I'm looking at you Lugo) and not be a rally killer *cough* Alex Gonzalez. Where does Jed Lowrie fit into this? Are the Sox fixing to trade him?

Dennis said...

Lowrie going to play third? Rumor is they are trying to trade Lowell, but even if they don't, they can't be counting on him to play more than 80 or so games.