Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Machinations

Since the Yankees were practically the only team that was stoking the hot stove last week I am sure that the rest of baseball was a tad bored. Well it seems that the rest of baseball decided all at once to get in on the act. Monday has been churning with rumors. From free agent destinations to possible mega-trades.

Here are a few story lines to follow for the rest of the week:

The Sox are looking to counter the Yankees big move from last week. Beantown is looking hard at free agent pitcher John Lackey. While it appears the deal isn't quite official, even though Lackey has already taken his physical, it would take a miracle for the Angels to slide in and outbid the Boston, especially considering how tight LA has been with it's cash. Why has Boston suddenly decided to start throwing their cash around? Perhaps Theo Epstein was one of the few who read Dan Shaughnessy's whiny column concerning the Boston front office's penny pinching ways to be a disgrace.

The more intriguing storyline for me is the rumored mega-deal between the Jays, the Phillies and a third team as yet to be named. I'm not sure why the Phillies would deal Cliff Lee to get Roy Halladay but that seems to be what the teams are edging towards. I understand how good Halladay has been and how good he would be in the NL, but really Lee is young, cheaper for next season and left-handed. I suppose the Phillies figure it would be easier to lock of Halladay to a long term deal since Lee will likely command a larger deal since he is three years younger, still it seems like a lot of energy and prospects expended to simply run in place.

Those are the dominant stories in the baseball world for today and probably a few more days.

Update 4:16 pm: It appears Hideki Matsui will get a little closer to home next season. The Angels are working on inking the Yankee DH to a one year deal worth $6.5 million deal. It would be a loss for the Yankees but likely one that will help them in the long run. Always better to lose a player with one year left in his prime than one year after.


Dennis said...

That mega-deal makes no sense, agree with you 100%. Now keeping Lee and getting Halladay makes a lot of sense.

As for Lackey, I like the deal if it is 4 years plus an option, or better yet, three years plus two options.

Matsui, as a DH, for 1 year, $6.5 million, looks like a good signing to me.

Dan said...

Love the Lackey deal as a Sox fan. Jason Bay rejecting Boston's 4 year, $60 million offer, not so much. I'm sure they can find another left fielder with moderate power if they have to.

Dennis said...

Looks like they have signed Mike Cameron to play center/left.

Joey said...

Pete just wanted to let you know that Peter Abraham is really good for the Boston Globe Blog, Extra Bases. (linked to our blog) Too bad he doesn't write too much about the yanks.

Peter said...

Abraham is a good writer and I always enjoyed reading him. I doubt he is going to pay too much attention to the Yankees beside the usual scoreboard watching and whenever the Yanks come to town.

Enjoy him. He'll definitely get you some info that you wont get anywhere else.