Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL Hyperbolic Statements-Week 14

An overlooked Rookie of Year candidate. Manning had better stay upright. And I can feel the bile rising in my throat on this ...

File This One Under WTF: I usually save this one for last, but I've got to get this off my chest. Brandon Marshall, I can't think of a less deserving ball of dung than you to break an NFL record. By catching 21 passes on Sunday, you surpassed Terrell Owens' single game record by one catch. Yes, T.O. is a jerk, and you not only possess equal jerkiness, but you are also a domestic abusing coward. In this blog, I have largely remained apolitical. This is a sports blog, and I try to keep my posts lighthearted. But I will not hesitate to call out "men" who abuse the women in their lives. I've discussed this issue in regard to Julio Lugo and Larry Johnson. This is a serious problem in professional sports and one that is largely overlooked.

Thank You Jamarcus Russell: It was a decent game between Washington and Oakland. That is until Bruce Gradkowski got hurt. Then Brian Orakpo went off and registered four sacks, stifling the Raiders offense. Orakpo continues to make a quiet but convincing case for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He has 11.0 sacks on the year and has been one bright spot in an otherwise dismal season for my 'Skins.

What the what?: Jim Sorgi of the Colts is on IR. How is this even possible? He never plays! Now the Colts are left with Curtis Painter as their back up. Gone are the days when good teams could rely on good second string QB's. Jim Kelly had Frank Reich. Joe Montana had Steve Young (an extreme example of having two HOF QB's on one team). Basically, if the Colts loose Manning they're toast. But we knew that already. Who knows how good Sorgi really is anyway? At least he knows the offense.

WTF Part II: I have got to buy one of these before the Super Bowl.


rakeback said...

Brandon broke the single came catches record on Sunday against a tough Colts D. When his mind is in the game, he is the best receiver in the league.

Dan said...

Don't care. He's a domestic abuser and therefore human garbage.