Friday, September 4, 2009

Red Sox Continue to Flaunt Rules

Watching baseball through the steroid-era I have seen some pretty low stuff, but Jonathan Papelbon takes the cake with this newest infraction. Apparently the Sox pitcher has been skirting the rules and taking to long to commence pitching when he comes into from the bullpen.

Frankly I'm shocked he hasn't been suspended.

Seriously, the MLB needs to get their heads on straight. I understand the need for games to move in an efficeint manner. Hell, as Yankee and Red Sox fans, we here at Brothers at Arms know better than anyone else the pain of a four and a half hour 9-8 baseball game. The reality is that games tend to slow down due to advertisement inbetween innings and during pitching changes, especially when games are nationally televised.

So continues the vexing rule of Bud Selig.

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Dan said...

We all know it's about getting in as much ad time as possible. That's why World Series games on Fox routinely end the day after they start. If they really want to shorten games, they should stop showing ads every half inning. I say only show ads after each full inning that is completed... and don't show more just to make up for the ads that have been lost!

If I'm Papelbon, I take as much time as I need. My job is to win games, fines be damned.