Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michael Jordan

Another deviation... Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame yesterday. I am not the biggest basketball fan. I was earlier in life, but no more. But if you asked me, who was the most exciting athlete you've ever seen, the answer would be Michael Jordan. I would answer without hesitation. In my relatively short life, I've never seen anyone deliver the goods more consistently than him; in the regular season, in the playoffs, in championships, and against the best of his era. He was deserving of all the hype and all the accolades. In a sports world where expectations are seldom met, he always exceeded them. When I watched a Bulls game, I didn't follow the ball; I followed him. Congrats MJ.

Unfortunately, David Robinson, another great player, is playing second fiddle to Jordan being inducted at the same time. He is perhaps the most underrated player of his generation. What he had in common with MJ was that he was not boastful, obnoxious, or a jerk off the court, just a great player.

John Stockton on the other hand... eh. I never thought he was that great. His best basketball move was an elbow to the groin from what I can tell.


Joey said...

I implore you to watch some playoff basketball next season. LeBron is every bit exciting to watch as Jordan.

Dennis said...

Robinson was unbelievable as a young player. A whole generation will remember him as a 15-10 guy who was Tim Duncan's sidekick, but if he had been given any sort of support earlier in his career we might have seen some Bulls/Spurs finals...