Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I don't know what they've been doing with Dice-K for the last two months, but it appears to have worked. Last night he pitched 6 innings of shutout ball giving up just 3 hits and -- this is the important part-- just 3 walks. For once he was around the strike zone all night. As we all know, the problem has never been his stuff (which looked nasty by the way) but his control. If he's finally learned to throw strikes consistently, look out.

Assuming we get Good Dice-K for the playoffs --a big assumption-- the Sox starting rotation looks pretty good for the playoffs. Beckett seems to have recovered from his mini-slump. Lester is a model of consistency. Buchholz continues to improve with each outing, and now we have a rejuvenated Dice-K in the mix.

The Yankees on the other hand have a lot of questions after C.C. Sabathia, who doesn't have a good post season track record anyway in spite of regular season success. Now Andy Pettitte is hurt and A.J. Burnett continues his Jekyll-and-Hyde ways. But you never know how these things will shape up and who will get hot and who will go cold.


Joey said...

It's like a late season pick-up or call up. He has only pitched 41 innings this season (not including the WBC)
He could, if nothing else start a Game 3 or 4 or come out of the bullpen. He will have a couple more tune up starts against the AAAA teams of baseball in Baltimore, Kansas City, and Cleveland. I like what I am seeing.

And a shoutout to Berlin's own Jesse Carlson for showing Mitre and Posada don't mess with Aaron Hill.
Hip Hip Jorge.

Peter said...

Ha well I'm sure Carlson will remember not to throw at Jorge based on the giany welt on his face after someone tagged him up during the brawl.

Also Melancon is the one who tagged Hill. Wanna know how many people Melancon has hit in his brief 16.1 IP for his career? 4. He's also walked 10. Doesn't sound liek great command does it? So I very much doubt a kid trying to show the Yankees he has talent gives a damn how many homers the Jays tagged off of a hack like Mitre. Carlson was out of line.

My only concern is that no Yankee was hurt. Other then that I'm glad someone tagged him square in the face.

Dan said...

Jorge is a beezyoncha. An eye for an eye, I get, but Jorge's passive-aggressive nudge is completely bush league.

I'm tired of all this bean ball crap. It's totally weak any way you look at it.

Rob A from BBD said...

Dice-K would be big for the Red Sox in the playoffs. What are his numbers against the Angels?

Dennis said...

I don't know how you can say Carlson was out of line. Melancon's control doesn't matter, you hit a guy, one of your guy's is going to get hit. Posada knew it was coming, any veteran professional (Like Jeter) would have nodded, got back in the box and hit.