Monday, September 14, 2009

Pack it In

The Sox, all but guaranteed a spot in October baseball with their sweep of the Rays this Saturday and Sunday. For that matter, all 8 playoff spots were basically sewn up this weekend. I would imagine the Sox will take it easy over the next 3 weeks, especially with the doughy part of the schedule coming up, before going out west to face the Angels. Francona will take care to see everyone gets some rest and the rotation is firing on all 5 cylinders. (or at least 3 cylinders i.e. Beckett, Lester, Buchholz) If these 3 guys pitch like they are capable they could be trouble for anyone in a 7 game series, including the Yankees.

I must mention the start of the NFL season. The Giants looked very comfortable offensively against a good defense in the Redskins. Defensively, they looked as strong as ever with Osi and Justin on the ends and Blake Blackburn playing well. The big question were the receivers. While no one had a stand out game, Eli looked comfortable and spread the ball around to Nicks, Manningham, Smith, and Hixon. I would love to have a Larry Fitzgerald, but the receiving core seems to have the talent and maturity to be successful. It is a long season and with baseball packing it in for 3 weeks before the playoffs, it is great to have football back.


Dan said...

The Rays just sort of mailed it in, didn't they? After it's all said and done they might struggle to finish .500. Seems remarkable to me, with all of that talent.

The Sox should be careful though. They don't want to end up like the Mets.

Dennis said...

A certain Mr. Lincecum has asked me to inform you that the NL Wild Card is still an open question.