Saturday, April 16, 2011

We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher.

When Bobby Jenks came into the game last night and Don Orcillo pointed out that he had not surrendered a run or even a hit yet this season, I knew the Sox were toast. Clay Buchholz labored through 5+ and left with a one run lead. Alfredo Aceves allowed an inherited runner to score, but that's not where the trouble started. It was Bobby Jenks and his absurd goatee that ruined the Sox this time giving up four runs in the seventh. The Sox rallied within a run to no avail. They went quietly in the ninth, even with the top of the order coming up.

Speaking of the the Sox failed rally, Carl Crawford led off the ninth and I have to say, in the time that I've watched him, he looks utterly clueless at the plate. Adrian Gonzalez hasn't lived up to his billing either, but a least he's put solid wood on the ball. Crawford is swinging like a broken screen door.

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Dennis said...

Looks like you've got one, at least for today. 7 IP on 89 pitches for Matsuzaka, who would have ever predicted that??!!