Friday, August 6, 2010

Yanks and Sox at it Again

Ok so here we are again. Yankees vs the Red Sox. It's been a while and both teams are a lot different than the last time they met. The Red Sox have lost the whole right side of their infield and the Yankees have a new DH and the outfield is healthy again and we will not be seeing Winn-Gardner-Thames out there.

These games will be close and at least in a few instances pretty ugly. The pitching tends to regress in these series. I will say this though, Mike Lowell will be the MVP for the Sox this series. That's just how it will be. They lose Youkilis and people wont be expecting Lowell to step up and be quite as good as him, but he'll surpass him this series because the Yankees always get hurt by the guy they think is the smallest threat.

Anyway the Red Sox will face the Yanks A- lineup tonight with the only downgrade coming at the expense of Jorge Posada. Here it is along with the Sox:

Derek Jeter SS ---------- Jacoby Ellsbury cf
Nick Swisher RF ---------- Marco Scutaro ss
Mark Teixeira 1B ---------- David Ortiz dh
Alex Rodriguez 3B ---------- Victor Martinez c
Robinson Cano 2B ---------- Adrian Beltre 3b
Lance Berkman DH ---------- J.D. Drew rf
Curtis Granderson CF ---------- Mike Lowell 1b
Francisco Cervelli C ---------- Ryan Kalish lf
Brett Gardner LF ---------- Jed Lowrie 2b

The New York lineup will have to level the playing field this series since the Sox hold an advantage in most of the pitching match ups, especially Monday's afternoon affair between Dustin Moseley and Jon Lester.

This series is big for both teams. The Yanks could make it a two-team race and the Sox could make up some big ground in the division/Wild Card race.

So let's do this thing.


Dan said...

Who the crap is Dustin Mosely?

Peter said...

Former prospect from the ANgels system. He isn't much, you're average sinkerballer who doesn't strikeout many. Just a stop gap until Pettitte is back. I guess you could say he is the same thing as Sergio Mitre I guess.