Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sox Do Squat at Deadline

Well, they got rid of some dead weight in Jeremy Hermida and Ramon Ramirez and got Jarrod Saltalamacchia from Texas. But these moves are hardly Earth shattering. Jarrod (not typing the surname again) is a decent addition. Clearly either Jason Varitek or Victor Martinez will not be back after this season. I would like to see Jarrod move to catcher. Let Martinez play first every day, and have Youkilis move to third. I feel a little bad for Hermida. He played well in spot duty very early in the year before he got hurt.

Nice walk off wins the past two days. Papi's base clearing double to win the game yesterday was pretty awesome. I don't think I've ever seen a game end that way before. When it's a home run, you know your team won. When it's a double like that there's more drama. Are all three runs going to score?! Today's win was a little less sweet. Crapelbon promptly allowed two inherited runners score before giving up the tying run. Then they needed an error to get the win. The good news, Clay Buchholz pitched very well for eight innings, a great sign after coming back from the injury.


Peter said...

You know you only have to type Saltalamacchia once. They invented two litte features called "copy" and "paste". You should look that up.

Joey said...

The deal for Saltalamacchia is for 2011 not 2010. Martinez is awful behind the plate. Odds are he will be the everyday DH next year and Papi will be somewhere else.