Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sox Swan Song

The term "swan song" comes from an ancient belief that a swan, which otherwise doesn't sing a song the way many birds do, sings one beautiful song before it dies. Basically it's come to mean a prelude to an ending. Anyway, I think the Sox had their swan song when they lost two out of three to the Rays over the weekend. And it was one god-awful song, like John Cage meets Celine Dion or something.

So how does a Sox fan keep interest? I feel like I represent the Sox fan who would watch every game if he didn't have a family, full time job, other interests and a life. It wouldn't matter to me that the Sox were out of the race and didn't have much to play for if my time weren't so precious to me. Then I could just watch and observe and try to make predictions for next year. I could dissect the minutiae of what went wrong during the season and think of all sorts of ways that Theo and the front office could fix it. But honestly, I have very little time for that. Call me when the playoffs start.


Joey said...

The reality is the injuries. If they have some heart down the stretch they will still win 90-94 games, but that just isn't enough this year. Also, Manny Del Carmen was traded on Monday, maybe leaving home might bring out his full potential.

Peter said...

Its not just the injuries though. The red sox have scored runs even without ellsbury, pedroia and youkilis. They are 2nd in runs scored and homers. Its the pitching and "run prevention" that everyone was lauding before the season. Both have been major disappointments. Oh and Theo totally checked out in june.

Dan said...

It's a disappointment because the Sox won't make the playoffs, but if you put them in any other division in baseball they would be right in the thick of it. It's all relative. That's why baseball needs to just go back to two leagues and forget the divisions. I know that totally leave out parts of the country, but how much do they care anyway?