Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Blow To The Redskins

From the pouring salt in the wound department, The Washington Post reports that Redskins offensive tackle Chris Samuels plans to retire. Although there will be no official announcement until the end of the year, doctors have told Samuels that he could risk paralysis if he continues to play. He suffered a severe neck injury two weeks ago. This is complicated by the fact that Samuels already suffers from a spinal condition.

This is terrible news for a Redskins offense that couldn't move the ball against the New Britain PAL Raiders right now. Of course, Samuels' long term health is the greatest concern. The consequences of continuing to play despite injury have been made frighteningly tangible by recent articles in GQ and other publications regarding post- concussion syndrome. This is not a concussion situation, but clearly the risks must outweigh the rewards were Samuels to continue his football career.

It's a sad day for 'Skins fans as it must be for Samuels. He spent 10 years in Washington and is by far the best player on a sieve-like offensive line. I hope he finds peace with his decision and wish him health and happiness in retirement.


Joey said...

If you had enough money would you want to continue to work where everyone sucks? I wouldn't.

Dan said...

Actually, after I posted this Samuels made a statement that he loves playing in Washington, and he is seeking as much medical advice as possible before making a decision. Sounds like he's looking to find someone who will tell him he can play. Not an uncommon practice, but a stupid one. I hope he is gather information to make a rational decision.