Monday, October 19, 2009

The Annoyance Factor

The Sox season is over and yet I am still somewhat interested in baseball. However, I have resorted to rereading articles about the '04 Sox to keep my spirits up. Maybe I am still interested because the Giants just laid an egg in New Orleans or my fantasy football team is in the tank.

Another factor could be I don't absolutely hate the yankees who seem to be the clear favorite to win the whole mother. Don't get me wrong, I hate the yankees, but this team is only about a 4.5 on the annoyance scale. For most of these guys it is business as usual. There is no annoying showboating our chest bumping. Below I have outlined the three basic categories that represent 2009 yankees.

1) The guys you respect because they play the game the right way. If they played for anyone besides the yankees I would like them. (ex. think of Pujols or Lincecum). Hell, I would love them if they had a 'B' on their caps. But, since they play for the yankees I only find them mildly annoying. This includes Jeter, Rivera, CC, Texeira, Pettitte (aka Jon Lester in about 10 yrs), and I even put A-Rod in this group because Kate Hudson is pretty hot. That is good work Alex.

2) The next group must of met each other at the Manny Ramirez School of being Aloof. These guys wouldn't care if they play baseball in a sandlot in the Dominican Republic or Yankee Stadium. I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up at the stadium on an off day and just laughed it off. I really don't notice these type of guys unless they are beating up on Red Sox pitching. This includes Cano, Cabrera, Matsui, and even the professor of aloofness Johnny Damon. Again not so annoying.

3) The last group is of people who I honestly believe to be a-holes. I don't think my opinion of these players will ever change no matter what uniform they where. We can put Burnett, Joba, Swisher, and Posada on this list. A smile comes across my face whenever one of these guys gets a fastball right between the numbers. They deserve it. Stop being so annoying.

So let's recap; there are only 4 really annoying players on the '09 yanks. That is a great improvement from the days of Paul O'Neill and even Roger Clemens. Maybe the baseball gods will reward the yankees for not being so annoying even though they won 103 games this year. If they do win the series, maybe I will even go to the championship parade. Then again, maybe not.


Dan said...

I'll admit it. This team actually looks like it's having fun instead of looking like a bunch of guys who commute to Cigna Monday through Friday.

Rob A from BBD said...

That's pretty funny. I don't know if there is anyone other than Lester that I would put in the first group as a Yankee fan.

Dennis said...

Awwww, I forgot about the parade! Now that is going to be annoying, I just know it will screw up my commute somehow.

But seriously, do you think these feelings also have something to do with the fact that this year's Red Sox team was so unlikeable? They were really the opposite of the Yankees in that regard.

Joey said...

You know I didn't really think about it until I wrote the post, but the red sox are pretty annoying this year too. No wonder baseball is dying when the sox and yanks just annoy the crap out of everyone who doesn't live in NY, CT, or MA.

Dan said...

Ok... so the Sox do have some annoying guys on the roster this year. Papelbon comes to mind. Followed by Beckett and Youkilis. But they have some likeable guys too, Jon Lester for one. And what about Jason Bay and Victor Martinez?

Dennis said...

But you forgot JD Drew, who is liked by exactly zero baseball fans.

Also, Dan has written on here he hates watching Dice-K pitch and hated watching Smoltz and Penny pitch.

It's OK you know. Some of my Giants teams over the last few years have been torture to watch.

So maybe unlikable was a bit strong, but I don't know a single Red Sox fan who enjoyed watching them this past season.