Monday, July 20, 2009

What the Future will Bring us

1)Albert Pujols will win the triple crown in the National League. He is far and away the best hitter in the NL and soon teams will start pitching around him which will only make him dial in more when pitchers are stupid enough to challenge him. He has comfortable leads in RBIs and home runs and the walks will only improve his average.

2) The Giants will make the playoffs. Look out NL if the Giants make a move and get a bat. They will be a dangerous team. No one wants any part of Lincecum and Cain. They will probably get in, if nothing else, because the rest of the NL stinks. The Giants are a tough first round series and they could handle the Phillies or the Cardinals easily in 5 games.

3)Halladay stays in Toronto. Nobody has the stones to pony up the prospects require to gain one of the best pitchers in baseball. I will continue to petition Theo Epstein to make it happen. Yesterday is a perfect example of why the Sox would be unstoppable if they could acquire Halladay. They would not only gain the 15-20 wins he brings every year, but they wouldn't lose the 4 starts Halladay makes against them in a year. For the Sox, that is 10 more wins a year which puts them over the century mark with an untouchable playoff rotation. For my money, I take 2-5 years of being basically unbeatable for Clay Buchholz, Manny Del Carmen, Lars Anderson, and any other pitching prospect Toronto wants. (Ex. Look at the Beckett trade) Halladay is a class guy by all accounts and a proven horse. Why aren't teams making "Godfather" offers. I just don't get it. In the end, no one gets it done Halladay stays north of the border and everyone loses.

4)Lou Piniella finally gets the axe. The cubs are done, but more importantly, they have quit on Sweet Lou. He is dated in managerial style and haircut. Do you think Aramis Ramirez, who is due almost $17 million this year, is going to play hard for a guy who is constantly screaming at him and bad mouthing him to the press? If I was Tom Ricketts I would hire the Zen master Phil Jackson and give him a big chair to sit in. That is the style of managing that works.

4 of the 6 divisions are separated by 3 games or less, which should make things interesting down the stretch. In most cases it is the difference between average and 'averager'. The writing is on the wall and the cream has already risen to the top. Let's hope the Sox can stay healthy to survive the brutal AL East until the playoffs.


Joey said...

Two monster posts in two days can I get some love??

Dan said...

Unfortunately for the Sox (and fortunately since the Yankees won't get him either) Toronto is not going to trade Halladay within the division. Even though they've given up, I don't think they'll do it unless it's a Hershel Walker type trade. Instead of an outright 'no' they'll just ask for something absurd.

PS: Speaking of the Jays, I had no idea how stupid Vernon Wells' contract was until recently. He's had one, what I would call, great season in his career (2003). He is good defensively and a solid player all around, but $126 mil?

Dennis said...

I will tell you why Halladay won't get traded. It is simple really; Jeff Bagwell, Derek Lowe, and Jason Varitek.

The Red Sox were swindled by Houston, then swindled Seattle themselves. Those trades were made before the explosion of sports talk radio and the internet. So basically now, if a trade isn't a grand slam win for your team, then a GM gets crucified.

A case in point, The Beckett/Ramirez trade. Both teams dealt from strength, got good players, and benefited from those players. Yet Epstein is still criticized for the deal, and I bet the Florida GM is as well. Trades of good players that benefit both teams rarely, if ever, get completed these days.