Friday, July 3, 2009

Bad Day for CC and the Yanks

Well ever starter has a clunker every once and a while so it is hard to get down on CC when he was 6-1 in his previous 10 starts. Hopefully A.J. Burnett, who spoke of being inspired by CC pitching in front of him, doesn't talk this effort with him to the mound against the Jays.

The Blue Jays may be fading from the divisional race, but they are still a division rival. The Yanks need these games and they especially need to step up in those games when Roy Halladay is not the opposing starter. Those games don't tend to go well for the Yankees, so best they take advantage of the Jays pitching when he isn't out there.

Don't have much else for you since I haven't been able to watch much of the past two games, but hopefully I'm able to catch Burnett going for win number seven (which would put him one ahead of our dearly departed Carl Pavano) against his former mates.

Anyway just caught this interesting piece from Outside the Lines on about Lou Gehrig's final days. Good Stuff.

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Dennis said...

And Pavano has pulled even at 7 wins! Seriously though, you have to admit Pavano has put together a solid year on a bad team.