Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rice's Number Retirement Ruined

So much for being inspired by recently inducted HOFer Jim Rice. Paps blew it in the ninth and the hapless A's went on to complete their comeback in extras. The Sox squandered a golden opportunity to pick up a game on the Yanks. With the Yankees as hot as they've been, it was tough to see Boston not only lose, but snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Anyway, did anyone see how snippy Wade Boggs was to reporters during the Hall of Fame weekend? He was not to pleased when asked about Rice's number retirement. Bogg's number has not yet been retired by the Red Sox. I'm in the dark about this. Is there any acrimony between Boggs and ownership that I don't know about?


Joey said...

For a redsox to have their number retired three things have to happen:
1)play 10 yrs w/the sox
2) be a hall of famer
3)finish your career with the sox

Boggs, as we know, played for the yanks and rays after the sox, thus according to Red Sox rules, cannot have his number retired. I believe the only exception is Mr. Red Sox, Johnny Pesky, who is not in the Hall of Fame.

Dan said...

Why should it make a difference whether the 10 years are played at the beginning middle or end of your career? Or does that mean your entire career has to be with the Sox?

Joey said...

dan we are talking about a team that still doesn't have one african american on its major league roster. the sox are what you call old school.