Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some End of Season News

The Sox aren't in the playoffs, so I will leave the playoff preview to a yankee fan. I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 Series documentary on the 2004 ALCS and needless to say it will be saved on the DVR and watched repeatedly throughout the winter.

With that being said, the news of the day out of Red Sox Nation is that New England Sports Ventures (NESV), the group (John Henry, Larry Luccino, Tom Werner) that owns the Sox, Fenway, and NESN, is making a bid to buy English Premiere League club Liverpool. Liverpool has been struggling financially and in the standings for the past 2 years and are ripe for a takeover. The bid is rumored to be in the neighborhood of $477 million. The current owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, are hated in Liverpool and the fans are eager for a change as Liverpool is currently in danger being relegated out of the Premiere League. If this means Liverpool on NESN every weekend and choruses of "You'll Never Walk Alone" count me in.


Peter said...

Funny because the Yanks were rumored to be in on Tottenham a few months back but that seems to have fallen through. Aside from that the YES Network is getting in on the Premier League though. Just saw an ad on the post game show for Arsenal games. I believe they are just replays of games, but hey, it's a start.

Dennis said...

This is something all of the big clubs in Europe are getting into. Manchester United TV and Chelsea TV have been up for a few years (as have AC Milan TV, Barcelona TV, etc.), but Arsenal have just recently started their own channel, and Liverpool (predictably) are slow on the uptake.