Friday, October 8, 2010

Rays Get Hosed

I'm back baby. The playoffs started and now I'm completely enthralled again. I have to admit (and I know it sounds like sour grapes) but I really enjoy the fact that the Rays are down 2-0. The fact that they got jobbed on Michael Young's check swing is making even more fun for me.

I hope the Rays fans (all 10 of them) have enjoyed this little run. Crawford is gone after this year and perhaps after this next game as well as punk ass B.J. Upton for whatever that's worth. All that will be left in three years will be a 70-win team with Evan Longoria demanding a trade because he was dumb enough to sign a long term deal with this putrid organization.

I feel bad for the players. Upton and Matt Garza aside I kind of like the Rays. Crawford is one of the most exciting players in the game and Joe Maddon's persona and hipster glasses amuse me. As I've said before, it's their fans that I find so lame. It's just bad for the game when a team like the Rays, a novelty to the Tampa area, can't even sell out ALCS games while traditional baseball cities like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and up until now, Cincinnati, who have suffered so long, would give anything to be in the playoffs. Those people would pack the stands, make a ton of noise and make you feel like it was 1979 again.


Dennis said...

Sour grapes? More like rancid raisins.

I hate to break it to you, but while Crawford Soriano, and Pena are free agents (Pena and his .190 batting average won't be missed), everyone else is under club control for several years. Upton won't be a free agent until 2013. The Rays aren't going anywhere.

As for attendance, Tampa averaged 23K a game, not so good, but traditional baseball city Cincy averaged 25K a game for their first playoff team since 1995, while KC averaged 20K, Pittsburgh <20K, and Cleveland a resounding 17K, lowest in the league and 40% of capacity.

Dan said...

For some reason I thought Upton was gone too. In that case they'll just trade him for a bucket of balls. Your damn right it's sour grapes. The Rays are awfully good and if I weren't a Red Sox fan I'd probably be pulling for them. They're an exciting team and I like Joe Maddon. But their fans don't deserve a good team.