Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Miscellany

As I watch Josh Beckett get pounded by the Blue Jays and give away a 5-0 lead in the bottom of the third, a few thoughts are running through my head.
  • The Red Sox finish their home stand by going 4-2 in the final six games after folding like a cheap suite in a four game sweep by the Rays. Sounds like a nice recovery, but Boston had to work their asses off to get those four wins against two pretty decrepit teams, teams that are supposedly vastly inferior.
  • Boston desperately needs to take care of business against Toronto and Baltimore on this road trip. They will have the Angels and Yankees waiting for them when they return to Fenway.
  • Off the topic of the Red Sox, what does everyone make of Mark Teixeira crushing Bobby Wilson over the weekend? Clearly it's a legal play. But everyone is debating as to whether it is "necessary." Baseball is weird. In no other sport would anyone care about the necessity of the act. There doesn't exist the same unwritten rules or protocol. Also, baseball is 99% of the time a non-contact sport (unless you count contact with a baseball). I think when contact happens, however legal, no one is really sure what to do or how to react. Players are unaccustomed to contact and often get hurt as a result.
The Sox just tied the game on a wild pitch with bases loaded. It's the top of the fourth. This is gonna be a long one...


Peter said...

I didn't see a problem with what Teixeira did. Wilson left the back-side of the plate open but when the ball came in he moved to his left and Teixeira assumed he had the ball and therefore, thought it more appropriate to level Wilson.

Every catcher knows the risks. I'm sure Posada's back spasmed when he saw the hit and remembered Tex doing the same to him in '06.

Dennis said...

I don't see how anyone can argue the play wasn't legal. However, it does point out some inconsistencies in the rules regarding contact.

Anything goes when taking out a catcher at the plate.

Taking out a middle infielder to prevent a throw is fine, as long as you are within an arm's length of the bag. But if someone came in with a standing tackle like you would at the plate, a brawl would certainly ensue.

And at first base any contact initiated by the runner would lead to an automatic out.

Dan said...

That's my point Dennis. The contact and reaction to it in baseball is completely inconsistent.