Friday, April 2, 2010

Beckett and Sox Working on Extension

In spite of predictions to the contrary, the Red Sox and Josh Beckett are in talks for a possible extension of his present deal. The extension could keep Beckett in Boston through 2014. I like Beckett and keeping him in town through the remainder of his productive years wouldn't be a bad idea.

My only concern is Josh's injury history. While there have been no major problems, it seems like a hangnail can cause a missed start. As I've said before, he needs all the planets in alignment to be at his best. Some guys can gut it out through injuries and still pitch well. Josh isn't afraid to take the ball, but when he tries to pitch through pain, he gets knocked around.

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Dennis said...

Bad deal. The Red Sox have essentially got Beckett's peak years (26-30) for $10 million per year, which is great value. Now, if they sign him for 4 years at $17 million per, they are basically retroactively paying him extra for the good years he has already had, because he is almost certain to decline over his ages 31-34 seasons.