Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. 3000... Derek Jeter

Well I would be extremely remiss in my Yankee blogging duties if I didn't post something about my all-time favorite player getting his 3,000 hit in the big leagues.

With a home run in the 3rd inning off of David Price, Jeter joined an elusive club that only has 27 other members before him. That is crazy when you think about it. Baseball has been a national institution in America since 1876. That's 135 years of baseball and Jeter will only be number 28 to get 3,000.

I have been watching Jeter from almost the beginning of his big league career. His rise to stardom coincided with my own interest in the baseball and the Yankees. Like millions of other little league ball players past and present I always tried to emulate Jeter.

Even with Jeter's recent struggles it is hard for Yankee fans not to love him and hard for any opponent not to respect him for the class and dignity he provided baseball with through one of its darkest eras.

Congratulations Derek and hopefully there are a few more left in your bat.

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Dan said...

Derek Jeter is a great player and cemented his place in the HOF a long time ago. But even more than that his presence has been divisive and exceedingly entertaining. No player has simultaneously been more overrated and underrated than him (thanks Joe Posnanski). I don't think there is a player in sports that inspires more hatred and love than Jeter, and I think that along with the championships will be his legacy. In my opinion, other than A-Rod before he moved to 3B and maybe Cal Ripken in his prime, he is the greatest offensive short stop in history.