Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Shots Considering Realignment

I could write about the Yankees because they have actually won two straight, but the injury to Bartolo Colon has me slightly depressed. Anyway, it looks as though and age of ignorance might be coming to an end for Major League Baseball. Wel at least sort of.

Buster Olney that MLB and the players union are talking about realignment to balance the leagues out to 15 teams a piece. Of course this would never have been a problem if Selig didn't insist on adding four new franchises to the game during the 1990s.

There is talk of reverting to a singular division that would allow the top five teams to make the playoffs (because they absolutely need that second wild card so fewer people's feelings are hurt). That would make the situation better and allow the AL East to represent the AL in the playoffs every season.

The one point I don't like about the proposed realignment, would be that interleague play would constantly be going on. That means some teams would be playing interleague games that would decide the pennant in September. But at least this is a step in the right direction.


Dan said...

They could keep the number of teams in each league the same. Then they could just continue with the plan of top 4 or 5 into the post season. That would be my preference.

Dennis said...

Maybe two divisions, so at least there is the chance of a pennant race other than a couple mediocre teams fighting for fifth place.