Monday, May 16, 2011

Sox Sweep Stanks

As I write this Boston is losing to Baltimore 3-0 but nevertheless, the Red Sox swept a three game series against the Yankees over the weekend. I can't remember the last time I saw the Red Sox sweep a series in the Bronx. Fortunately, I have every sports media outlet on Earth to tell me that is was in 2004. The Sox won it all in '04 in case you forgot. Am I drawing any parallels? What do you think I am? A stunad? I wouldn't dare.

In fact, I think it's probably a really bad omen. Boston will probably go 5-20 from here. I will say this though. The Yankees look old. That's what happens in sports. One day you're an invaluable, wily veteran. The next, you're dead weight, ready for Shady Pines. That's where Posada is now. Jeter and A-Rod aren't quite there yet. I think they will still show flashes of former brilliance this season. But how stupid do people look who said that Rodriguez would hit 800 HR's? All I can say is, I told you so.

All that aside, if the Sox keep getting gutty starting pitching they will be fine. Lester didn't look great last night for a while, but he settled in and kept the Sox in the game. He gave them a chance, and the bats finally came through. No matter who you sign and how much money you spend, sometimes it just comes down to guts.


Peter said...

I think it's unfair to say the Yankees are old. Aside from Jeter and A-Rod, what other position player is old? No one else on the roster is older than 31. When they lose they look old and when they win they are experienced veterans. Right now they suck. They suck long and hard, but eventually the talent will take over. They may not win the division, and they may not even make the playoffs with the evil competition that is the AL East, but many have called older Yankee teams washed up and they usually look stupid in the end... coughcough Steve Phillips.

Dan said...

I think the problem is that the Yankees are old in spots where they expect to get a lot of production. They have 40 year old former catcher, DH batting 9th. He's not cheap either. Jeter is batting 2nd and their expecting him to score his customary 100 runs. A-Rod is still supposed to be a cornerstone of the lineup and he's scuffling. He's become streaky as you put it earlier today.