Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greinke on the Move

Well that will put an end to any speculation before it begins. Just two days after we hear that Zack Greinke demanded a trade to get out of Kansas City he is on the move to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Good for Greinke to finally be out of that baseball hell-hole that is KC. I wish he had gone to a larger market, preferably New York, so he could silence his critics who say he can't hack it in a larger market. Nobody knows how Greinke would respond to that type of media environment, but if you take a quick read at Joe Posnanski's blog he gives a good idea that Greinke might respond more to big games and big pressure than many would think.

Either way its a shame the Yankees never really got in on it. Good luck to Greinke and here's hoping him and Yovani Gallardo lead the Brewers to some playoff runs.


Dennis said...

And yet another elite pitcher goes from the AL to the NL.

service awards said...

I think Greinke made a wise move there. At least he is showing signs that he wants to grow as an athlete.

Dennis said...

Until a new ownership group come in who know what they are doing, KC is just going to continue to be a disaster.