Monday, November 8, 2010

There is a God

Our long national nightmare is over. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are out of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Finally. Now we only need to force out Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Somehow I feel that will be the true challenge.


Dennis said...

It really is unfair unfair to lump Jon Miller in with those other three jokers. Miller does a fine job with SF Giants local broadcasts, I just don't know what happens on ESPN. Maybe the stink of Joe Morgan is so pervasive one cannot escape it.

Peter said...

I will admit that of the four miller is far and away the best. He was one of the few reasons I could tolerate watching a Sunday night game. I thought that once they added hershieser things got better and I'm glad he's sticking. Buck and mccarver r way worse than miller and Morgan.

Dan said...

Do they know who will replace miller yet?