Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day

As the season draws upon us this evening, the greatest rivalry in sports will renew itself once more. Now some will decry this as travesty for baseball. It will be labeled as east coast biased and will be shunned by fans not hemmed in by the Hudson River in our northeastern corridor. But the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox is baseball. It is hard to fathom the game without the two and let's face it, everyone tunes in when these two heavy weights go toe to toe. A good soap opera never ends. This season will be no different from any other. This blog will be a forum for these two camps of fans. An open dialog between the each side with equal say about all things baseball and various other sporting events. But we don't want to limit or exclude any voice from speaking their mind and we welcome fans from every team to express their views on any baseball topic. Dan and I have grown up on the opposite ends of this spectrum and spirited debates have racked our family for years. So Opening Day is here and we have steeled ourselves for the coming tide of baseball, so lets play ball.